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Mode specific re-binding of the enter key

From: Blake McBride
Subject: Mode specific re-binding of the enter key
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 14:19:20 GMT


I am using GNU Emacs 21.3.  Normally the return key ("RET") is bound to
"newline".  I globally re-bound RET to newline-and-indent because I prefered
this behavior in C-Mode.  The problem is that I don't like
"newline-and-indent" in other modes such as text mode.  I'd like to go back
to the default behavior of RET to be "newline" and that only in C-Mode files
it would be bound to "newline-and-indent".  I've tried numerous approaches
to do this but was unable.  Any help would be appreciated.

Blake McBride

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