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Re: emacs goodies for python development

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: emacs goodies for python development
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 18:27:29 +1200

 > I am trying to setup emacs for python development at place of work.  I would
 > like to push for emacs culture over eclipse and so want to know what to do
 > for the python-related emacs goodies.
 > I need things like completion and help. I believe there is some way of
 > customizing eldoc to give 'hover tips'.
 > Also anything else that is there -- gud support?

M-x pdb in gud.el invokes the python debugger.  Ken Mannheimer has written
pdbtrack which Python users say is better.  I've tried to scope it out in
but it's not been added to Emacs as there is uncertainty over original

 > I am running debian etch and am using the python-mode package that comes
 > with debian.  emacs-wiki says there are two python modes.
 > Which this one is I am not sure.

Emacs 22.1 includes a python-mode package in a file called python.el.  I
suggest you use that one (with 22.1).


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