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ediff in RCS

From: Hadron
Subject: ediff in RCS
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 00:12:42 +0200
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I have downloaded to my lisp path the following

vc+.el  vc-.el  vc-ediff.el  vc-hooks+.el

(I can find no documentation on them or installation guides but ran
across them from the emacs wiki)

I have added

(require 'vc-hooks+)

to my init files.

Now ediff (as opposed to diff) comes up from "C-x v =" (C-x v = runs the
command vc-ediff) but other keys now dont work e.g

| vc-register: Symbol's function definition is void: vc-admin
| Symbol's function definition is void: vc-admin

Has anyone used this stuff? Is there a full "package" of all related
files somewhere? It's like some giant jigsaw at the moment :-;

Any help appreciated.

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