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Re: GUD buffer disappearing

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: GUD buffer disappearing
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 23:26:52 +1200

David Reitter writes:
 > On Jun 14, 10:12 am, Juanjo Garcia
 > <address@hidden> wrote:
 > > Namely, I open a program for debugging. The window splits and I see
 > > the main source file, but when I jump to a breakpoint and _another_
 > > source file must be opened, the *gdb* buffer is replaced with the
 > > source file. That is very inconvenient, because I have to look for the
 > > *gdb* buffer to continue debugging.
 > Have you tried to switch off `one-buffer-one-frame-mode'?

This looks like an Aquamacs bug report and it's not clear to me: what does open
a program for debugging mean?  By default the main source file won't appear
unless execution stops there.

Anyway, assuming it is for Aquamacs, I can only make general observations
unless it can be reproduced on Emacs:

* Apple have their own version of Gdb, you need FSF Gdb (in Darwin, from Fink?)
  for this mode to fully work.

* Sometimes you might indeed lose your window configuration but
  gdb-restore-windows (on the menu-bar) can often restore it.

* It takes more practice to control all the buffers with this mode but
  gives you more control over you program when you can.

* If you still don't like it you can get the old one by using the
  fullname option e.g by setting gud-gdb-command-name to "gdb --fullname".
  This old mode (i.e Emacs 21 style) probably works with Apple's Gdb.


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