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GUD buffer disappearing

From: Juanjo Garcia
Subject: GUD buffer disappearing
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 09:12:42 -0000
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I need some help with using Emacs for debugging C++ programs. So far
it has been great and it has worked on all platforms I have used.
Recently I updated to Aquamacs 1.0 which I believe is related to Emacs
22.* and this is where problems have began.

Namely, I open a program for debugging. The window splits and I see
the main source file, but when I jump to a breakpoint and _another_
source file must be opened, the *gdb* buffer is replaced with the
source file. That is very inconvenient, because I have to look for the
*gdb* buffer to continue debugging.

I have tried playing with different flags without success. Google does
not help, either.


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