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Re: Text mode auto-fill

From: Tyler Smith
Subject: Re: Text mode auto-fill
Date: 14 Jun 2007 06:30:39 GMT
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On 2007-06-14, Peter Gordon <address@hidden> wrote:
> I am using text mode with auto-fill.
> I have a paragraph like this.
> 1. This is example text on a line and this is the 
> next line.
> As you can see the line underneath is aligned with the marker and not
> with the text. On Xemacs it works.
> What do I have to set to get the alignment that I want.

Check the manual entry for adaptive filling. My setup behaves as you
want, I think you just need to fix your
adaptive-fill-first-line-regexp variable. Mine is:

adaptive-fill-first-line-regexp's value is 
"\\`[   ]*\\'\\|[       ]*[-[:alnum:]]*>+[      ]*"



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