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Calling a function interactively with a universal argument

From: address@hidden
Subject: Calling a function interactively with a universal argument
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 05:04:21 -0700
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Is it possible to call a function from a program with a certain
universal argument?

I'd like to a redefine a standard command, but *without* bothering to
use its actual lisp interface, so I want to call the function from a
program as a user would, supplying only a universal argument or not.

I'd like to override find-tag behavior, so that it does something
after reading the interactive arguments, but before invoking the
original command:

(defun my-find-tag ()
   ; the result of (interactive-form 'find-tag) should be substituted
here somehow as an interactive specifier, because I want the same
interactive behavior (I can copy it of course manually, but it would
be nicer to copy here the interactive specification of find-tag

  (if my-find-tags was called with C-u then do something
       otherwise do something else)

  (call original find-tag with the interactive arugments received))

I've seen call-interactively, but it doesn't allow me to specify the
actual interactive arguments to call the command with.

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