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Re: Column replace

From: Colin S. Miller
Subject: Re: Column replace
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 22:38:07 +0100
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Enchanter wrote:
How to replace this?


text ts
text ts
text ts
text ts
text ts
text ts
text ts

text ts0
text ts1
text ts2
text ts3
text ts4
text ts5
text ts6



there's more than one way to skin the cat,
this is how you do it using registers.

Key binding are for XEmacs;
YMMV on Emacs.

Move to the first line and enter

C-u 10 C-x r n a
C-x ( END C-x r i a C-x r + a HOME DOWN C-x )
C-u 5 C-x e

The bindings are
C-x r n    number-to-register
C-x r i    insert-register
C-x r +    increment-register

increment-register defaults to 1; it can take
an integer prefix for decrementing or incrementing
by other values.

Colin S. Miller

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