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Re: fortran line width & comment

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: fortran line width & comment
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 10:10:26 -0400
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>> I edit fortran files with emacs. commented lines are coloured and
>> everything else works nice, but one thing makes me crazy:
>> when line reaches width greater than 72 characters, the rest of the
>> line is considered as comment. this messes up the colouring of the
>> rest of the lines in the file.
>> is there any way to me to make emacs NOT colour the rest of the line
>> as a comment ?

> (setq fortran-font-lock-syntactic-keywords
>       '(("^[cd\\*]" 0 (11))))

> Or copy the definition from fortran.el and change "71" in the second
> element to whatever value you want. It should be easier to customize
> this, sorry.

> Or use f90-mode rather than fortran-mode if you are actually writing
> free-form code.

How could Emacs tell what is the value to use instead of 72 (or that there
is not such value at all)?  I.e. how do compilers know whether to interpret
the code as f77 or something else?


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