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Re: M-x print-buffer / lpr-buffer

From: Gary Mills
Subject: Re: M-x print-buffer / lpr-buffer
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 23:06:36 +0000 (UTC)
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In <address@hidden> Gary Mills <address@hidden> writes:

>In <address@hidden> Dick Hoogendijk <address@hidden> writes:

>>Printing works fine on my solaris 11 02/07 box with emacs-22.1
>>However, if I do a "M-x print buffer" I get "Spooling...done" in the
>>minibuffer, but nothing happens after that. So, the program 'pr' takes
>>the input but doesn't give any output (?)
>>Isn't it supposed to be taken care of by emacs?
>>(file "print-buffer" -> pr -> lp file)

>I'm seeing the same problem with emacs-22.1 under Solaris 10 11/06.
>Printing works with emacs-21.2, built on Solaris 2.6 but running on
>Solaris 10.  How do I debug this problem?

Testing this shows me that print buffer does work in this
configuration, provided of course that `lp' can print to its default
printer.  Our problem report was incorrect; printing actually works
but the output is formatted incorrectly.  The behavior is the same as
if `pr -er | lp' was used; the letter `r' is taken as a tab character
and expanded into spaces.  I'll file a bug report.

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