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Re: axiom mode

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: axiom mode
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 14:45:15 +0200
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> I meant, desired behaviour should be:
> M-x axiom switches to the buffer *axiom*, if it exists and if it is an "axiom
>           buffer".  (I guess that should be a buffer in axiom-mode, with a
>           running axiom process.)
>           If there is no such buffer, it creates a new buffer and a new axiom
>           process.

... and puts it in `axiom-mode'.  FWIW that's what your code does at the

>           (add-hook 'axiom-mode-hook (lambda () (rename-uniquely))) should
>           rename the buffer.  I do not know what else one could use
>           shell-mode-hook (and therefore axiom-mode-hook) for.

Why do you want to rename the buffer?

> Should I make all variables local?

The only variable I can think of at the moment is `axiom-process'.

> I guess, variables introduced with defvar
> are intended to be customizable by the user

... `defcustom' serves that purpose ...

> and are global to all buffers in
> axiom mode?

A priori a symbol defined as a variable doesn't relate to buffers hence
it "is global".

> Other variables, global to each individual buffer are introduced
> by make-local-variable?

You should defvar them first and make them buffer-local either by using
`make-variable-buffer-local' or, better, `make-local-variable'.  A
typical idiom in this context is

(set (make-local-variable 'foo) value)

which makes foo buffer-local and assigns it value.

If you really need multiple axiom processes - so far you didn't tell me
_why_ you need them - you would make `axiom-process' local in the buffer
where you create the process and set it to the process object returned
by comint.  Otherwise, I see no need to change anything here.

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