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emacs 22.1 only starts in terminal

From: flebber
Subject: emacs 22.1 only starts in terminal
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 08:29:37 -0000
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I recently installed Emacs 22.1 from source on a PclinuxOs 2007
install. The install went well apparently without errors. However the
only way I can use  emacs is through  a konsole or xterm  session . I
also tried to make a menu entry for emacs in the menu editor (I am
using KDE) , I simply put the command entry as 'emacs' however this
fails to work at all. Will emacs only work as part of a terminal
session or is there something else I should do.  I am going to try it
on my Debian(Etch) install later.



PS works perfect as part of a terminal session.

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