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Re: Call lisp function asynchronous

From: Juraj Kubelka
Subject: Re: Call lisp function asynchronous
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 11:07:37 +0200

On 7.6.2007, at 4:02, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:

In <address@hidden>
        Juraj Kubelka wrote:

Is it possible to call lisp function asynchronous?

It is possible but rather difficult to do it in earnest.  Good
examples are in emacs-w3m (

I would like to use it with this intention: I have defined overlay on
a region. And after few seconds I would like to delete this overlay.

         #'(lambda (overlay)
             (sleep-for 2)
             (delete-overlay overlay))

But I do not know how to call it without waiting for response (funcall
delete-overlay overlay).
Can you help me?  Or is there better solution for it?

A timer seems to answer such a purpose.  For example:

#'(lambda (overlay)
    (run-at-time 2 nil #'delete-overlay overlay))

Yes, it is the solution.  Thank you a lot.

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