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Cygwin Emacs 22.1 with NT GUI?

From: jwhitley
Subject: Cygwin Emacs 22.1 with NT GUI?
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2007 12:57:38 -0700
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After some digging around within and without the Emacs 22.1 source
tree, it seems that Emacs on Windows can be built with two flavors:

1) Cygwin with an X11 front-end GUI
2) NT Native, with an NT native GUI

I'm looking to switch to Emacs 22 from XEmacs, where I've been
building and using the following configuration for ages:

3) Cygwin with an NT native GUI

This provides the speed and convenience of a native platform GUI,
along with excellent Cygwin integration.  I can almost forget I'm
using Windows, at times.  ;-)

Is there an out-of-the box way to configure Emacs 22.1 in a Cygwin +
NT GUI flavor?  (I may also be amenable to hacking on things to get
this configuration working, but I'll leave those questions for later.)

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