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From: Dick Hoogendijk
Subject: nnimap
Date: 04 Jun 2007 15:52:26 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.4

I very much like to use my emacs (gnus) for reading mail on my imap
server. This server has a cram-md5 login and has cyrusd-imap software.

I thought the following was (basicly) enough (as found on the net):

(setq gnus-secondary-select-method
    '((nnimap "yanta"
            (nnimap-address "")
            (nnimap-authinfo-file "~/.authinfo")
            (nnimap-authenticator cram-md5))))

(setq nnimap-split-crosspost t)
(setq gnus-thread-hide-subtree t)

But nothing happens. I get start-up errors. I removed the authinfo
file; I tried nnimap-stream ssl without the cram-md5, but all fails.

What am I doing wrong?

server: cyrusd-imap (with cram-md5)
server is also knows as FQDN "" (from the outside); I used
the local intranetworking name "yanta"

Please, I need some advice.

Dick Hoogendijk -- PGP/GnuPG key: F86289CE
++ + Solaris 10 11/06 ++

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