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Re: Emacs like jed

From: mowgli
Subject: Re: Emacs like jed
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2007 00:37:59 -0000
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On Jun 3, 4:52 am, Bauke Jan Douma <address@hidden> wrote:

> It doesn't get any whiter than 0xffffff, unless you tune
> your monitor... ;-)

Even on the console, jed shows bright white text same as the one in
the screenshot. Emacs however is with dull foreground. On console
there are no fonts issue. Does jed use some slang fonts? Just

> Also, try to compare with same surroundings, I see one has a
> clear blue frame, while the other is grey.

Well that was my intention, please read this post from start and see
what I originally intended to do. If only I knew how to. But the
forground color is the most important one anyway.

> Second font has a much narrower stroke than the first =>
> it's all an optical illusion, 
> see:

There shouldn't be optical illusion on the console. If I list display
colors in emacs on console, it lists jsut plain 8 colors. Thats all it
supports on console? Howcome? And Jed is able to support bright colors
even on console? I switch between jed and emacs often so would like
similar colors atleast for the foreground and background.


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