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RE: Emacs like jed

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Emacs like jed
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2007 06:39:46 -0700

> > I tried the snow, and ghost white. They are
> > better but still not quite bright.
> try #fcfcfc instead of snow or white. To exactly determine what is the
> code of the bright white color try gimp and pick color tool.

Here are some other Emacs tools for examining all possible color
combinations for your display, in Emacs. These all give you direct
manipulation of frame and face properties, such as color. They let you
examine color properties or choose colors. You can input colors using
recognized color names, RGB components (red, green, blue), or HSV components
(hue, saturation, value).

* Palette -
* Facemenu+ -
* DoReMi -

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