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Re: set default font for new frame

From: B. T. Raven
Subject: Re: set default font for new frame
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 21:21:23 -0500
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ssSslang wrote:
Hi there, I wonder how to set the new frame's font. Now I had
(set-default-font "MyFontName") written in ~/.emacs. I can see the right
font when I start emacs. But the font changed after I called C-x 5 2 to
make a new frame. Could someone told me a solution? Thanks.

At least under ver. 21.3 you can add window frame parameters to the make-frame function. I have this in my .emacs (for a second frame with a non-proportional font):

(make-frame '((name . "courier")
               (top . 1) (left . 1) (width . 98) (height . 17)
               (visibility . icon) ; nil or icon
(font . "-outline-Courier New-normal-r-normal-normal-*-*-96-96-c-*-iso10646-1")))

(select-frame-by-name "courier")

;;Doesn't work in 22.0. Elisp manual (29.3.3 Window Frame Parameters) says somewhere that some optional arguments are semi-obsolete. Font is only mentioned under color parameters.

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