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auto-raise speedbar frame?

From: yary
Subject: auto-raise speedbar frame?
Date: 28 Mar 2007 17:42:28 -0700
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I'd like my speedbar frame to raise up when I focus on its associated
frame, and for the frame to raise when I focus on the speedbar. I
imagine it involves calling "select-frame-set-input-focus" from inside
some hook, though it's above my emacs knowledge & elisp skills.
Alternatively, I'd be happy to see a speedbar in a vertical window
within the associated frame, though I suspect speedbar wants to remain
in a separate frame.

The problem I've having is that I'll have both the speedbar and frame
behind a few other windows and they get separated. Worse is when I
have a few frames and get confused as to which a given speedbar is
attatched to.

I'm running gnu emacs on windows, though this question is likely
relevant for various platforms. Found a similar question on this list
but no answer.

thanks in advance

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