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Can't get Xemacs to find init.el on XP

From: landspeedrecord
Subject: Can't get Xemacs to find init.el on XP
Date: 28 Mar 2007 10:08:55 -0700
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I can't get Xemacs to load in it's initialization file (init.el) on my
windows XP PC.

I read the tutorial and put the init.el file at the root of my C drive
in a folder called .xemacs.  Then I tried adding C:\.xemacs to the
PATH user AND system environment variables via the control panel/
system/advanced tab etc.  Still no luck.

Then I just tried putting the init.el file all over the place in any
relevant folder hoping xemacs would load it.   That didn't work

Any ideas?  I have honestly tried reading the faqs and searching
google and got nowhere which is why I am asking here.

Thanks for any help!

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