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Re: Problem with AucTeX and Path

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Problem with AucTeX and Path
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 10:54:31 +0100

Am 23.03.2007 um 21:53 schrieb Alberto Simões:

What am I doing wrong?

You're probably using Carbon Emacs on Mac OS X – it needs to know the value of PATH.

The usual way would be to set PATH in ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist – all native Aqua clients (Carbon or Cocoa based, including X11 and the X clients launched in it) learn environment variables from this file.

It /might/ work to create a file ~/.emacs_your login shell>, for example ~/.emacs_tcsh in my case. There you can set environment variables for Emacs' *shell* buffer in usual shell syntax. It /could/ also work for shell processes created from Emacs.

What will work is, to set PATH in ~/.emacs:

        (setenv "PATH" (concat "/some/directory" ":" (getenv "PATH")))

To find out what the PATH value is that Emacs knows:

        M-x shell-command RET echo $PATH RET


        M-x getenv RET PATH RET

Now you can determine which elements need to be included in "/some/ directory" ...



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