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Re: trouble generating Javadoc with JDEE

From: Matthew Flaschen
Subject: Re: trouble generating Javadoc with JDEE
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 16:24:24 -0400
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Malte Spiess wrote:
> Matthew Flaschen <address@hidden> writes:
>> Malte Spiess wrote:
>>> Hi fellas,
>>> I'm having some trouble generating the docu with jde(e) here on my
>>> Debian system with the Emacs snapshot and Sun Java6.
>>> I have updated the alternatives, that means that I can enter javadoc as
>>> any user and it will use the appropriate version (in case this matters)
>>> as supposed by the guide on the JDEE homepage. More precisely speaking
>>> the link /usr/bin/javadoc is set as it should be. Thus using javadoc on
>>> a terminal works fine.
>>> Still when I do `M-x jde-javadoc-make` in a buffer showing a .java file
>>> all I get is
>>> apply: Symbol's value as variable is void: 
>>> compilation-nomessage-regexp-alist
>>> .
>>> Has anyone an idea why this happens?
>> It works for me, using jde version (C-h v jde-version) and gjdoc
>> (installed java-gcj-compat-dev , which is also in Debian testing).
> Yeah, forgot the most important version number. It's JDE here, too.
>> I have the below customizations on javadoc, neither of which should
>> matter here:
>> '(jde-javadoc-checker-level (quote private))
>> '(jde-javadoc-gen-args (quote ("-validhtml")))
> Hm, I don't think so either.
>> Do any features of JDE work?
> Yes, actually most features that I have used so far work nicely. I
> haven't explored all of the nifty stuff yet, but what definitely works
> is:
> -compiling (C-c C-v C-c / jde-compile)
> -running the application (C-c C-v C-r / jde-run)
> I've had some trouble with Sun Java version 6, as this is apparently not
> yet officially supported, but cheating with the version seems to do the
> trick.
> Just not to mess my configuration up manually, I have completely used
> the customize stuff so far. Here is what I've got in my .emacs:
> ,----
> | '(jde-checkstyle-classpath (quote 
> ("/usr/share/java/checkstyle.jar:/usr/share/java/commons-cli.jar:/usr/share/java/commons-beanutils.jar:/usr/share/java/commons-logging.jar:/usr/share/java/antlrall.jar")))
> | '(jde-checkstyle-style "/home/mspiess/java/checkstyle/sun_checks.xml")
> | '(jde-compile-enable-kill-buffer t)
> | '(jde-compile-finish-hook (quote (jde-compile-finish-kill-buffer 
> jde-compile-finish-update-class-info)))
> | '(jde-compile-option-deprecation t)
> | '(jde-compile-option-directory "/home/mspiess/java/bin")
> | '(jde-compile-option-sourcepath (quote ("/home/mspiess/java/src")))
> | '(jde-compiler (quote ("javac" "/usr/bin/javac")))
> | '(jde-global-classpath (quote ("/home/mspiess/java/bin")))
> | '(jde-help-docsets (quote (("JDK API" 
> "/usr/share/doc/sun-java6-doc/html/api/" nil))))
> | '(jde-javadoc-gen-destination-directory "~/java/doc/")
> | '(jde-javadoc-gen-packages (quote ("~/java/src/")))
> | '(jde-jdk (quote ("1.5")))
> | '(jde-jdk-registry (quote (("1.5" . "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/"))))
> | '(jde-run-option-boot-classpath (quote ("append" 
> "/home/mspiess/java/bin/")))
> | '(jde-run-option-classpath "global")
> | '(jde-vm-path "/usr/bin/java")

That's obviously a lot of stuff, some of which I don't completely
understand.  I would try commenting most/all out, and trying again.  If
it works, you can add stuff back gradually until you find a problem.

> The JDE help seems not to be available either btw. I always get:
> jde-show-help: Cannot find JDE help file.

That also works for me.

Matt Flaschen

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