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Re: emacs + subversion + newbie = trouble ??

From: Patrick Drechsler
Subject: Re: emacs + subversion + newbie = trouble ??
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 17:24:14 +0100
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William Case <address@hidden> writes:

> I want to use emacs as my text editor with subversion.  How do I set it
> up and get started?  What has to be in my ~/.emacs, what mode am I
> looking for?
> I think I have done my due diligence with subversion tutorials,
> emacswiki, emacs info, man etc. yet I find myself sitting here looking
> at a blank emacs frame, scratching my head and saying to myself "What
> button do I push first?".
> So, please, someone help me at the most basic level get started using
> subversion + emacs .

I normally do the initial import and first checkout from the command
line. Here is a short instruction (just replace all ssh stuff with
file:// if your server and client are on the same machine):

| *** Setting up a SVN repository and importing files:
|      Example of putting my "texmf-local" tree under svn (replace the term
|      "texmf-local" with your directory of choice):
|      1. Create a SVN repository: i.e. on server (=golem):
|       :cd /media/data1/mysvn_reps
|       :mkdir texmf_local
|       :cd texmf_local
|       :svnadmin create /media/data1/mysvn_reps/texmf_local
|       Now the following directories and files will be created:
|       :conf  dav  db  format  hooks  locks  README.txt
|      2. Make a copy of original:
|       :cd /usr/local/texlive
|       :cp -rf texmf-local texmf-local.original
|      3. Delete original:
|       :rm -rf texmf-local
|      4. Create svn directories (on client):
|       :mkdir -p texmf-local/branches
|       :mkdir -p texmf-local/tags
|       :mkdir -p texmf-local/trunk
|      5. Copy original to trunk:
|       :cp -rf texmf-local.original/* texmf-local/trunk/
|      6. Import your repository from client (=trurl) to server (=golem); this
|         might take a while:
|       :cd texmf-local
|       :svn import /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local 
svn+ssh://address@hidden/media/data1/mysvn_reps/texmf-local -m "initial import"
|      7. Remove the original:
|       :cd ..
|       :rm -rf texmf-local
|      8. Checkout the complete repository type: 
|       :svn checkout 
svn+ssh://address@hidden/media/data1/mysvn_reps/texmf-local/trunk texmf-local

Once you have a working copy and open a file with emacs you'll see a
SVN version number in emacs modeline.

| Emacs interface to svn (VC-mode):
|     - `C-x v v': take appropriate action (ie update)
|     - `C-x v d': open dired buffer in VC-mode

You'll find further usefull info in the Emacs help. Entering: 

C-h i d m Emacs RET m Version TAB RET

brings you here:

(info "(emacs)Version Control")


The shortest unit of time in the universe is the New York Second,
defined as the period of time between the traffic lights turning green
and the cab behind you honking. -- Terry Pratchett 'Lords and Ladies'

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