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Re: Delete (kill) entire line at cursor - how?

From: anoop aryal
Subject: Re: Delete (kill) entire line at cursor - how?
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 11:38:33 -0500
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On Wednesday 07 March 2007 04:13, address@hidden wrote:
> Heh, the funny thing for me is that such a simple feature is delivered
> in a base package only in the 22nd(!!) varsion of the program. Looks
> like no one had the need in this feature for like 20 years... Pretty
> amazing.

that may have to do with the fact that in regular editors, the primary editing 
is line oriented. in emacs, the editor (or the modes) recognizes the text 
being edited and give you higher level constructs such as word, paragraph, 
sentence (in regular text), sexp (in programming) etc, that you don't "fall 
back" to line editing.

i use C-M-k to delete sexps, C-c-C-o to delete multiple consequitive blank 
lines etc. and therefore find that kill-entire-line is something i'll use 
only when none of the other constructs are available. not to say that i don't 
use C-k, it's just that given a bunch of other higher level constructs and 
functions to operate on those constructs, C-k has limited use. in most other 
editors, delete line is about as high level a construct as it gets.

maybe that explains why, to someone coming from another editor, the omission 
seems grave.

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anoop aryal

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