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UTF8 in XEmacs

From: Maxim Kulkin
Subject: UTF8 in XEmacs
Date: 14 Mar 2007 01:06:10 -0700
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Hi, everybody!

I'm not sure it is the right group to ask, but I haven't found group
on XEmacs.

I was using Emacs21 and it worked good. But recently I switched to
XEmacs and got problems with unicode support.

1. I used to set up terminal-coding-system and keyboard-coding-system
to "utf-8". In XEmacs there is no such coding system.
2. When I try to write some text not in english, it switches to some
very small font which I'm unable to read.
3. Documentation on function set-terminal-coding-system says that it
is broken now (I'm using latest XEmacs package from Ubuntu 6.10).

So, the question is how to properly set up unicode in XEmacs ? Am I
missing something or it's really broken currently ?


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