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JDE and Sun Java6

From: Malte Spiess
Subject: JDE and Sun Java6
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 14:38:41 +0100
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I need some C-h err I mean help with my jde. I'm running the Emacs
snapshot here from Debian Sid and Sun Java6, my jde version is

Unfortunately, jde makes some trouble.
Each time I type in C-c C-v C-c (jde-compile), I get:
| The JDE does not recognize JDK 1.6 javac. Assume JDK 1.5 javac?(yes or no)

Running a program won't do at all. I always get
| cd /home/mspiess/java/src/mspiess/test/
| /usr/bin/java mspiess.test.Rotate
| Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: mspiess/test/Rotate
| Process mspiess.test.Rotate exited abnormally with code 1

Well, it is in "/home/mspiess/java/bin/mspiess/test/", but I think I've
set the right paths...

Unlike my normal proceeding, I have used the customize stuff here. These
are my jde options.
| '(jde-compile-option-deprecation t)
| '(jde-compile-option-directory "/home/mspiess/java/bin")
| '(jde-compile-option-sourcepath (quote ("/home/mspiess/java/src")))
| '(jde-compiler (quote ("javac" "/usr/bin/javac")))
| '(jde-help-docsets (quote (("JDK API" 
"/usr/share/doc/sun-java6-doc/html/api/" nil))))
| '(jde-javadoc-gen-destination-directory "~/java/doc/")
| '(jde-javadoc-gen-packages (quote ("~/java/src/")))
| '(jde-run-option-boot-classpath (quote ("append" "/home/mspiess/java/bin/")))
| '(jde-vm-path "/usr/bin/java")

Btw. the doc thing won't work at all! This is not as bad as the rest,
but still...

Any hints would be appreciated.



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