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Re: Phase change material ...

From: thermate
Subject: Re: Phase change material ...
Date: 10 Mar 2007 11:23:53 -0800
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On Mar 8, 5:57 pm, "martinl" <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm looking for a substance that does a phase change at between 60 and
> 100 C.
> I need something with a high heat capacity so that when it cools
> through the phase change, it stays at the freezing temperature for as
> long as possible.
> Also it needs to be non toxic since it will be handled.
> Any thoughts?

If you want to arrest the temperature of your system using phase
transformation, you probably need good thermal conductivity of the
phase change material. That means a metal or finely distributed mix.
Look up bismuth-tin phase diagram and move from the eutectic point to
as much Sn (since its cheaper) to whatever is suitable melting point
of the solid of your choice.

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