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Re: Interactively finding file in a list of directories

From: Denis Bueno
Subject: Re: Interactively finding file in a list of directories
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 17:13:39 -0500

On 3/9/07, Drew Adams <address@hidden> wrote:
> > For example, assume there are 4 different files all named "find.jsp"
> > in different directories, and I would like to find a particular one. I
> > would do M-x find-resource, type "find", hit TAB, it I would see a
> > list that looks something like:
> There is an interface to the UNIX locate database (M-x locate RET
> pattern RET). Regularly, once a day or once a weekly, the whole disk
> is searched and all path names, files and directories, but no
> "special files," are recorded in a database or hash file. The command
> locate takes as argument a search pattern that allows a few
> metacharacters and looks up this pattern in the database, so it's
> much faster than find. Executing locate as a shell command, you could
> filter a bit more with grep what locate returns ...

The link I gave earlier provides info on several such Emacs interfaces to a
UNIX or GNU/Linux `locate' database:

Thanks. I've given up on rolling my own solution (indeed, the many
solutions I've seen thus far are much more feature-complete). I'm
current maintaining a filecache cache persistently -- using
instructions from the link above -- and that's working well.

Later I'll try to fix the only annoyances I've found -- I can't find
the scroll-in-the-reverse-direction counterpart to C-x TAB, and I'd
like to by able to find by typing So*F*.java. (I'm
not using icicles because I wanted a more lightweight solution, and
I'm not using GlobalFF because I'd like new files to show up more
often than the interval in which locate database is automatically
updated. I may yet  decide that these are stupid reasons not to use
these libraries.)

Thank you all for the help (both here and on emacs-devel, which was
admittedly the wrong list).


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