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Re: Font-Locking for Allout Mode

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: Font-Locking for Allout Mode
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2007 00:18:42 +0100
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Stephen Berman <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Stephen,

> I meant you should add the file local variable `mode: allout' to a
> file you are visiting in the major mode Text Mode.  However, if the
> file you are visiting in Text Mode is ~/.emacs, presumably your allout
> headings beginning with `;;;_' and if so, they won't match
> allout-regexp for Text Mode, so won't get fontified.

Indeed, I forgot about the different regexps. :)

> Try saving the following as `allout-test.txt'; I would be surprised,
> and mystified, if you still don't see the fontification.
> * test
> .. test
>    test
> . , test
>     test
> .  . test
> .   , test
> .    . test
>        test
> .     , test
> .      . test
> .       , test
> * file local variables list
> Local variables:
> allout-layout: (+ :)
> mode: allout
> End:

Wow, it works! And really, the "mode: allout" is required. But it still
doesn't work with emacs lisp files regardless of the presence of the
"mode: allout"...

> In my allout.el (2.2.1) the docstring of allout-init ends:
> "To prime your Emacs session for full auto-outline operation, include
> the following two lines in your Emacs init file:
> (require 'allout)
> (allout-init t)"
> Since you have it in yours, I'm at a loss to explain the different
> behaviors you and I are observing.

Does fontification work for you in elisp files?

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