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xrefactory help

From: op132650c
Subject: xrefactory help
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 16:51:18 +0000
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1 - Can anybody give an example of xrefrc file, to compare with mine, just to
checkout the differences?

Here is my xrefrc with my question below:

// license string:

my project is defined in the following way:
z:test/src/Subdir1/src/com (...) /
z:test/src/Subdir2/src/com (...) /
z:test/src/Subdir3/SubSubdir1/src/com (...) /

  -javafilesonly        // pure Java project
  //  input files and directories (processed recursively)
  z:test\src\ <-- 1 - If i've sereval directories, and each directory has a src
dir, that contains the source code, should i explicit each directory in here?
Is there an automatic way to include all the directories inside the z:test/src?
  //  directory where tag files are stored
  -refs h:\Xrefs\test-emacs
  //  number of tag files
  -set cp d:\espaco_trabalho\bins\test-emacs
  -set qcp "${dq}${cp}${dq}"    // quoted classpath (if it contains spaces)
  -set jhome "d:\Java\jdk1.5.0_09\"
  -set jbin "${jhome}bin\"
  -jdkclasspath "${jhome}jre\lib\rt.jar"        // Java run time for xrefactory
  -classpath ${cp}      // classpath for xrefactory
  -sourcepath z:test\src\       // sourcepath for xrefactory <-- same question 

  //  setting for Emacs compile and run
  -set compilefile "${jbin}javac -classpath ${qcp} -d
d:\espaco_trabalho\bins\test-emacs ${dq}${__file}${dq}"
  -set compiledir "${jbin}javac -classpath ${qcp} -d
d:\espaco_trabalho\bins\test-emacs *.java"
  -set compileproject "
        cd test-emacs
  -set runthis "${jbin}java -classpath ${qcp} %s"
  -set run1 "${jbin}java -classpath ${qcp} *Messages*"
  -set run5 ""  // an empty run; C-F8 will only compile
  //  set default to run1
  -set run ${run1}

2 - When i try to do Create Xref tags, i get the error that i can't open the
file z:test\src. Why?


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