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Re: replacing characters and whacky trans-buffer conversion

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: replacing characters and whacky trans-buffer conversion
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 10:59:31 +0100

Am 07.03.2007 um 08:38 schrieb Matthew Flaschen:

Peter Dyballa wrote:
A malfunction in
GNOME? (At least I had once such problems in Fedora Core 1.)

FWIW, I'm running Thunderbird and emacs 21.4 on gnewsense-kde and have
the same behavior.

Then it looks more like a malfunction in Thunderbird ...

Ken, the original poster, is using Thunderbird 2.0pre (X11/20070214), you are using Thunderbird (X11/20070104) – or you need to tell Thunderbird that you are composing in UTF-8. I think in this millennium the modern Linuxen use UTF-8 internally, and when a client, such as Thunderbird, claims to be UTF-8 aware, then the X selection is not converted – which would be Thunderbird's task, because it's Thunderbird who "knows" which encodings are used inside its "buffers."

(I found Thunderbird a bit troublesome in its way to handle encodings. If I would use it more often than once in a month I would have written a few bug reports.)



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