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Re: clearcase in emacs

From: james
Subject: Re: clearcase in emacs
Date: 6 Mar 2007 11:15:30 -0800
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On Mar 6, 12:22 pm, address@hidden wrote:
> Hi,
> i've installed vc-clearcase to start to use clearcase with emacs. I would like
> to know what are the commands to do checkout, checkin and add file to source
> control in the plugin vc-clearcase.
> Thanks,
> Pedro

C-x v v, C-x v v, and C-x v v. respectively.

(Technically, vc-register is C-x v i, but if you call vc-next-action
on a view-private file, it will register and check out in one action)

I just installed it yesterday, and have found turning on the menu-bar
to be very useful for exploring the capablilites.  Another option is C-
h b (or M-x describe-bindings)... if you scroll down far enough you'll
find something like the following:

C-x v =         vc-diff
C-x v a         vc-update-change-log
C-x v b         vc-switch-backend
C-x v c         vc-cancel-version
C-x v d         vc-directory
C-x v e         vc-clearcase-edcs
C-x v f         vc-clearcase-start-view
C-x v g         vc-annotate
C-x v h         vc-insert-headers
C-x v i         vc-register
C-x v j         vc-clearcase-gui-vtree-browser
C-x v l         vc-print-log
C-x v m         vc-merge
C-x v o         vc-clearcase-list-checkouts
C-x v p         vc-clearcase-update-view
C-x v r         vc-retrieve-snapshot
C-x v s         vc-create-snapshot
C-x v t         vc-clearcase-what-view-tag
C-x v u         vc-revert-buffer
C-x v v         vc-next-action
C-x v w         vc-clearcase-what-rule
C-x v y         vc-clearcase-what-version
C-x v ~         vc-version-other-window

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