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Re: big5 only on emacs-nox for Fedora core 6

From: David Hansen
Subject: Re: big5 only on emacs-nox for Fedora core 6
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2007 09:30:00 +0100
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On 5 Mar 2007 22:52:16 -0800 "weihan" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Dear David:
>  Thank you for your help. My emacs on Fedora core 6 is 21.4.1.
> After I type the C-u C-x = on the Box as your suggest, here is
> the message shown by emacs
>   character: ┬žU (0453075, 153149, 0x2563d)
>     charset: chinese-big5-1 (Frequently used part (A141-C67F) of Big5
> (Chinese traditional))
>  code point: 44 61
>      syntax: word
>    category: C:Chinese (Han) characters of 2-byte character sets
> c:Chinese
>            |:While filling, we can break a line at this character.
> buffer code: 0x98 0xAC 0xBD
>   file code: 0xA7 0xDA (encoded by coding system chinese-big5)
>        font: -- none --
> Obviously, the emacs does not load the font properly. The font which I
> want to use
> are one of the following two :
> -arphic technology co.-ar pl mingti2l big5-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-
> c-0-ascii-0
> -arphic technology co.-ar pl mingti2l big5-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-
> c-0-iso10646-1

I think these don't have the right encoding.  My Emacs chooses a
font with the encoding "Big5-0".

I think there are tools out there to create fonts of one encoding
from font fonts of another encoding (as long as the intersection of
common characters is big enough that it makes sense).  But i can't
help on this topic.

On Debian there are various xfonts-intl-* packages.  They don't look
that nice but AFAIK they cover most scripts.

Also you may find this page interesting:

> The .Xresources I set up is :
> Emacs.Font:    fontset-18
> Emacs.Fontset-0:   -*-*-medium-r-normal-*-18-*-*-*-*-*-fontset-18,\
> ascii:-*-lucidatypewriter-medium-r-normal-*-*-100-*-*-m-*-iso8859-1,\
> chinese-big5-1:-*-ar pl mingti2l big5-medium-r-normal-*-*-0-*-*-c-*-
> ascii-0,\
> chinese-big5-2:-*-ar pl mingti2l big5-medium-r-normal-*-*-0-*-*-c-*-
> ascii-0

Try this: Start xfontselect and set "rgstry" to big5, now pick any
of the not grayed out fonts.  Also i think you can drop the "ascii"
part (Emacs should pick the default font for ASCII):

Alternatively (an ugly workaround) you can start emacs within a
Unicode enabled XTerm:  xterm -u8 with the font you have choosen
(the iso10646-1 one).  Though i don't know how good the support for
asian scripts is (there are other terminal emulators that may be
better, e.g. rxvt-unicode or mlterm).


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