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MIT-GNU Scheme

From: neverov_dg
Subject: MIT-GNU Scheme
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2007 08:31:06 +0700


I started to read "Structure and interpretation of computer programs"
by H. Abelson and others, so I want to use MIT-GNU Scheme in emacs,
not in EdWin. I download xscheme.el. In my .emacs there is:

(load-library "xscheme.elc")

As I understand I should use M-x run-scheme to start Scheme REPL mode.
When I type it I get error:

MIT-Scheme terminating
scheme: can't find a readable default for option --band.
        searched for file in these directories:
Reason for termination:
       Inconsistemcy detected.

I try to run it on WinXp OS in emacs
MIT-Scheme version is 7.7.90.

How can I recover it?

P.S. Edwin works fine

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