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Re: Necessary version of emacs for Planner/Muse?

From: John Sullivan
Subject: Re: Necessary version of emacs for Planner/Muse?
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 11:55:32 -0500
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"RealityMonster" <address@hidden> writes:

> None of the documentation says what version I need to be up to to use
> these packages. I'm running emacs-21.2 for Windows. I saw them
> mentioned on this group and decided to give it a go, but I wanted to
> make sure that I'm sufficiently up to date.
> To developers, could you try to make sure that you mention what the
> earliest working version required is? :)

I've updated the Planner documentation to say the versions (which were listed
in the planner.el file). Thanks for the suggestion.

John Sullivan
Emacs Planner Maintainer
GPG Key: AE8600B6

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