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Re: "MIT/GNU/Linux"

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: "MIT/GNU/Linux"
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2007 13:45:59 +1100
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Giorgos Keramidas <address@hidden> writes:

> On Sun, 31 Dec 2006 13:36:52 +1100, Tim X <address@hidden> wrote:
>> The CS department at the University I worked at in '94 was already
>> starting to make a bit of a 'big deal' about the fact they were moving
>> to open source then and even started using the term in their publicity
>> in '94/95. All PCs in the CS labs were running slackware at that time
>> (but to be honest, a fair part of this was because MS Win 31 and DOS
>> were just crippled pretend OSs at that time and even early, limited
>> and buggy GNU Linux was better).
> Heheheh!  I know the feeling :)

The really sad thing is that the department, due to mainly economic
pressure, has moved from core comp. sci. courses to more of what I
would call IT courses. All the academics are now windows users and
from talking with the sys admin who is still there, instead of getting
really interesting questions or projects, such as setting up a beowulf
cluster or helping to improve new signal processing algorithms or
hardware designs etc, the questions/problems are now basic end-user
support problems, like how do I configure outlook or why won't my
anti-virus software run etc. Where once upon a time there was a number
of what would be called emacs "power users" who would often be
swapping bits of elisp and writing custom elisp packages to use in the
department, its now just office documents, abstract misguided
ramblings about DRM, ebusiness and enterprise management!


tcross (at) rapttech dot com dot au

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