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What's wrong with this lisp code in my init file?!

From: Endless Story
Subject: What's wrong with this lisp code in my init file?!
Date: 31 Dec 2006 08:15:38 -0800
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On XP, I'm running both the Windows build of Emacs and the Cywgin
console version of Emacs. I don't really need both, but I like having
Emacs available in the Cygwin environment.

I've installed Ghostview to be able to print to my non-postscript
Printer. But now I'm running into a wierd problem. I have lisp code
that should be restricting the correct printing commands based on the
variable window-system - but when I run the Windows build of Emacs, it
complains that it can't find
/cygdrive/c/Program/Files/Ghostgum/gsview/gsprint.exe! If I comment out
that line it goes ahead and prints using its own section of the code.
So why is this problem occurring? On the console side, it doesn't care
if the Windows code is in there.

Here's the relevant code:

(setq printer-name "//BREATH-000/Randy's HP 1200")
(setq ps-printer-name t)

(if (eq window-system 'w32)
(setq ps-lpr-command "c:/Program Files/Ghostgum/gsview/gsprint.exe"))

;; note that for printing via console, the order of statements matters
;; must set printer name before issuing print command!
(if (eq window-system nil)
(setq ps-printer-name t)
(setq ps-lpr-command "/cygdrive/c/Program

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