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RE: minibuffer-frame-alist

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: minibuffer-frame-alist
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 07:54:21 -0800

> I've got this in my "dot emacs".
> Le line concerning "minibuffer frame" has no incidence:
> it doesn't do any thing.
> I would like it does.
>  '(minibuffer-frame-alist (quote ((width . 181) (height . 1) (left + 2)
> (top - 6) (title . "Emacs Minibuffer") (background-color . "yellow")
> (internal-border-width . 4) (cursor-color . "red")))))

The variable gets set by what you do, but you did not create a minibuffer
frame. The alist by itelf does nothing. If you create a minibuffer frame,
the alist will apply to it.

>From the Elisp manual, node Initial Frame Parameters:

 -- Variable: initial-frame-alist
 If these parameters specify a separate minibuffer-only frame with
`(minibuffer . nil)', and you have not created one, Emacs creates one
for you.

 -- Variable: minibuffer-frame-alist
     This variable's value is an alist of parameter values used when
     creating an initial minibuffer-only frame--if such a frame is
     needed, according to the parameters for the main initial frame.

As an example, this library creates a minibuffer frame: (doc here:

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