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Re: `woman' can't be used outside emacs?

From: LEE Sau Dan
Subject: Re: `woman' can't be used outside emacs?
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 18:24:32 +0800
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>>>>> "Dieter" == Dieter Wilhelm <address@hidden> writes:

    Dieter> Are you completely blind?  So that the emails must be read
    Dieter> for you by emacsspeak?  Then the usual way of "citing"
    Dieter> (including snippets of older mails) in mailing lists must
    Dieter> be very disturbing for your hearing experience.  

Why?  Don't you know that Gnus highlights citing from different people
wiht  different colours?   (Gnus has  been doing  so for  a  long time
before  this has  become a  "standard" feature  among  other news/mail

And don't  you know that  Emacspeak maps different text  highlights to
different  voices in the  text-to-speech engine?   So, you  hear plain
text read in  one voice, *bold* text in another,  /italic/ in a third,
etc.  If  you're editing a C/C++/Java/whatever  program, Emacspeak can
read out the reserved word  in one voice, class/type names in another,
variable names in  a third, function names in a  fourth, comments in a
fifth, etc.

I know this  because I've tried Emacspeak using  IBM's ViaVoice speech
synthesizer, which used to be  free.  (I can't find the link anymore.)
It's really amazing!  :)

    Dieter> How are you dealing with this and quotations and acronyms
    Dieter> and capitalization and ...?

Maybe,  you can  answer your  own questions  by trying  out Emacspeak.
Whether it can use different voices depends on what speech synthesizer
you're using.  I  have never got Festival to render  as many voices as

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