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how to get this file to work? (another newbie question)

From: ocelot1970
Subject: how to get this file to work? (another newbie question)
Date: 24 Dec 2006 13:21:55 -0800
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Everyone was so helpful for my last question!

Here is another: I found a file keywiz.el, at this location:

What the file is is a game where the player tries to guess the right

What I want to know is just how to make it work. The instructions for
the file say to press M-x and then keywiz. When I do that what happens
is I get a '[no match]' error.

The problem is, I don't know where to store this file to make this
work. I tried my home folder, and also  the "play" folder within "usr."
They don't work and this is probably a really basis question, but where
do I put files like this I get from external sources?

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