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Newbie questions

From: ocelot1970
Subject: Newbie questions
Date: 24 Dec 2006 08:00:47 -0800
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I have just started exploring emacs and elisp. Ergo, I have some

1) Is there a way to see what a keyboard shortcut is currently bound
to? Before I write my own programs making my own, I want to make sure
I'm not unbinding something really important.

2) Is there a way to see a list of all functions that can possible be
bound to keymappings, the list of files they appear in, and their

3) Are there any key combos with meta and ctrl that are not allowed
when creating my own key bindings? Any reason why I wouldn't use C-q,
C-w, C-e, etc. just go through the keyboard and use what's not used yet?

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