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Re: binding C-uC-SPC to a new key

From: Badari Kakumani
Subject: Re: binding C-uC-SPC to a new key
Date: 21 Dec 2006 15:41:06 -0800
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Drew Adams wrote:
> > > > i would appreciate pointers to invoke the the set-mark-command
> > > > with a prefix (so that it traverses back to where previous mark was).
> > >
> > > Is not C-x C-x what you want?  Or do you just want that the cursor to
> > > skip temporarily to the previous mark?
> >
> > no. what i wanted is to cycle thru all of the marks in my mark-ring.
> C-u C-SPC does what you are asking, IIUC.

i know it does what i want -- BUT i wanted to bind it to some different
key (since typing C-u C-SPC is inconvenient)... i could probably solve
it using macros. but i am exploring how to solve it thru some elisp
all i need is a lisp function that invokes set-mark-command with a
prefix argument.
once i have this elisp function, i can bind it to a key i want.

i see the exact lisp function i wanted -- goto-previous-mark -- written
by you
in the URL you pointed below.  thanks very much.
i shall keep checking the emacswiki for such goodies i guess...


> See also my post on Dec 16 to the thread "Re: vim's jumplist equivalent in
> emacs?" for other ways to do this. Here is some doc on that:

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