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Automatically parsing MIME files in rmail

From: Craig Smilovitz
Subject: Automatically parsing MIME files in rmail
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 22:54:04 -0500
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I use emacs rmail for mail reading. I seem to remember that in a previous emacs I used (on a different machine) there was a function that would automatically parse a MIME message and deposit its components in separate files in a subdirectory. I executed this function manually from the RMAIL buffer using M-x <function name>.

I don't remember what the function was called. Does anyone know what it was and extra credit if you can tell me where I can get an implementation of this function. As far as I can determine, it doesn't appear to be a function in my current installation.

When I look at the emacs documentation, it describes a lot of functions mm-* that do low-level mime parsing operations. My assumption is that these are the guts that are called by the lisp macro that I want. But the distance from the mm-* functions to what I want seems too great to try and write the top level function myself.

Thanks a lot.

Craig Smilovitz

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