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Re: I think the doc in emacs is too simple in someplaces

From: Ronald
Subject: Re: I think the doc in emacs is too simple in someplaces
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 08:15:31 +0800
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Robert D. Crawford wrote:
Ronald <address@hidden> writes:

For example:


c-toggle-electric-state is an interactive compiled Lisp function in
It is bound to C-c C-l, <menu-bar> <C> <Toggle...> <Electric mode>.
(c-toggle-electric-state &optional ARG)

Toggle the electric indentation feature.
Optional numeric ARG, if supplied, turns on electric indentation when
positive, turns it off when negative, and just toggles it when zero or
left out.

It doesn't tell what the function does.

Yes it does.  It toggles the electric state.  Computers are very good at
answering the question you ask.  It is up to you to ask the right
question.  In this case, you have asked what a particular command does
and it has told you.  The next step is to ask what the electric state
does.  This information can be found in the info page for emacs.  The
place where you are looking, C-h f, will give you a place to start
looking but will not give you much information.
Try this:

C-h i
to get into info, then


and ask for emacs, then


to search the manual.  search for electric which will take you to a link
to the relevant section of the emacs info manual.

Opps, after installing emacs22, C-h i reports : Recursive `require' for feature `sb-info'...

And the description about ARG is repeated everywhere, I supposed it's
not good.

Not sure why you would think this.  What it means is that if you invoke
the command like so:

C-u M-x command-to-invoke

you are invoking the command with a 0 argument.  Therefore

C-u 1 M-x command is a positive arg and
C-u -1 M-x command

is a negative arg.


I mean this can be true implicitly, and it's not good for maintaining. So any good reason?

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