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Adding additional font-lock face to info files

From: Angelina Carlton
Subject: Adding additional font-lock face to info files
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 13:03:44 -0500
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When reading info files, I would like to highlight strings that are quoted
by the author with `'

For example in the excellent book emacs-lisp-intro this snippet:
| Both the examples just mentioned work identically to move point forward
| three sentences.  (Since `multiply-by-seven' is not bound to a key, it
| could not be used as an example of key binding.)
The string `multiply-by-seven' is what I would want font locked.
Unfortunately I am not far enough into this book to learn how to do
this. :-) 

The only faces I see that I am able to customize are:
info-header-node                   info-header-xref
info-menu-header                   info-menu-star
info-node                          info-title-1
info-title-2                       info-title-3
info-title-4                       info-xref

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