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Re: Dired on DAV repositories?

From: tomás zerolo
Subject: Re: Dired on DAV repositories?
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 10:32:36 +0100
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Ugh. Following up to self again. So much for bad style; sorry, folks.

But I thought this might help others who like me are too blind to
find relevant docs. In the meantime I found out that:

  * there is a customisation group /Hypermedia/Url
    (and further below, under "Url Hairy" a very nifty
    "Url debug" custom variable, yay!).

  * there is a fine manual (usually installed at top
    level by "make install", named --you guessed it--

So I have got some pointers now.

What still bites me is: if I do C-x C-f "http://localhost/path/to/dav/";,
url jumps in as a file handler (good!), strips-off the trailins slash
(not-so-good), talks to the server (good!), finds out that the server,
indeed, talks DAV (good!), gets redirected (301) to the slash-ended version
of the URL and thus reverts to plain HTTP (that's at least what the debug
message implies). Grrr.

If any bells ring, let me please know.

-- tomás

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