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yasq: unable to edebug-defun

From: Mirko
Subject: yasq: unable to edebug-defun
Date: 14 Dec 2006 12:32:06 -0800
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This could be due to my incompetence, senility or just lack of emacs
knowledge: I cannot compile my defun's.  If I try to do either M-C-x or
C-u M-C-x, emacs tries to evaluate the defun in which my cursor
resides, instead of compiling it.

(This is emacs for windows and by the key sequences, I mean
Esc key, followed by pressing ctrl and x keys -- I am becoming unsure
if I remember the key notation.).

I tried also M-x edebug-defun, but then the debugger immediately tries
to step through the function instead of instrumenting it.

I may have some variable set wrong, but I don't recall changing any of
the emacs variables.



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