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C-M-r and C-M-s asymmetric [was: C - marking code between braces]

From: Dieter Wilhelm
Subject: C-M-r and C-M-s asymmetric [was: C - marking code between braces]
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 23:49:17 +0100
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address@hidden (Johan Bockgård) writes:

> Dieter Wilhelm <address@hidden> writes:
>> Another idea for one level could be
>> C-M-r [^{}]+
>> C-M-s
>> but to my astonishment C-M-r does not skip to the char behind {!
> I think the key is here:
> ,----[ C-h f search-backward-regexp RET ]
> | [...]
> | Search backward from point for match for regular expression REGEXP.
> | Set point to the beginning of the match, and return point.
> | The match found is the one starting last in the buffer
> | and yet ending before the origin of the search.
> | [...]
> `----

Sorry Johan, I don't get it, the behaviour might be consistent with
the description above but the fact is that + should be greedy.  Please
search with C-M-s for "o.*o" in the following line

hans otto otto otto hans

When you C-M-r wouldn't you expect to find the same matches?  This is
clearly not the case and I can't imagine why.

    Best wishes

    H. Dieter Wilhelm
    Darmstadt, Germany

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