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Re: tab-always-indent doesn't work

From: Robert Thorpe
Subject: Re: tab-always-indent doesn't work
Date: 12 Dec 2006 05:50:15 -0800
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Ronald wrote:
> I can't add comment in c files as below (comment can't be aligned using tab)
> for(;;){
>       int i;          //a
>       int iii;        //b
> }

What tab-always-indent's documentation says is:-

*Controls the operation of the TAB key.
If t, hitting TAB always just indents the current line.
If nil, hitting TAB indents the current line if point is at the left
  or in the line's indentation, otherwise it insert a `real' tab

So if you set it to t then hitting tab will indent the current line.
So, pressing tab at then end of "int i;" will not do anything if the
current line is already indented.  If it is set to nil then only when
the cursor is in the left margin will tab "indent", otherwise it will
deliver a real tab.

Program modes do not use tab-always-indent, they have their own
Some even, like lisp-mode, have no equivalent variable.
You must set these variables separately.

(I think that tab-always-indent's documentation is unclear and needs

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