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Re: ps-print doesn't omit invisible text

From: John Halton
Subject: Re: ps-print doesn't omit invisible text
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 09:44:56 +0000

On 12/8/06, John Halton <address@hidden> wrote:
Kevin Rodgers wrote:
> John Halton wrote:
>> I'm using an emacs mode (tagging.el) that uses invisible overlays to
>> hide text that doesn't match a given tag (a la folding.el).
>> However, when I print out the buffer, I get the whole buffer including
>> invisible text, not just the text displaying on screen. By contrast,
>> quick print via web browser (from the File menu) only prints out the
>> visible text.
>> Looking at the ps-print.el file, it looks like ps-print does have the
>> ability to skip invisible text when printing, but I'm too much of a
>> LISP ignoramus to understand why it should be failing to do so in this
>> instance.
>> I'm running Emacs under Windows (work PC...), installed from
>> EmacsW32. However, the same issue also occurs in Emacs 21.
> Are you using `M-x ps-print-buffer-with-faces' to print the buffer?

No, just ps-print-buffer. I take it that's where I may be going wrong?
Makes sense.

Will try it when I'm back at work on Monday. Thanks!


Yep, that sorted it. Thanks again.

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